Hey Everybody – Check Out My New Website
by on August 5, 2011 in Welcome

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

– Jeff

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  1. It was great seeing you this weekend for the reunion! It was a whirlwind and crazy, but good to catch up with at least a few that were there. Enjoy life, as we all know it is a blink in time!

    Mary Leta

  2. I like the web site. It was cool meeting you on the cruise. It was a pleasant surprise. I wish I had known you did the theme song for My Name is Earl. I liked that show. I even liked Delbert’s song he submitted to be the theme song. Con gratulations on your successes. I would like to still get you to sign a picture for the American Music Museum. I’ll frame it us with the lyrics to Wind Beanth my Wings. I’m pretty sure I can get the sheet music to that pretty easily.Oh yeah,Jimmy Hall did a better version of Long Goodbye on a previous album. The one I showed you at the signing table is a live version. Though good, the studio version is great. I’ve been wearing out for a coupel of years now. Nice meeting youi, and I hope our paths cross again.

  3. Jeff:
    I certainly am glad you walked into Moonshiners last week and stayed for lunch and came back after your number at Hillbillies. It was a true Bohemian Moment.

    All best,

  4. Good to meet you today at Mike’s party, and hear your songs!

  5. Hi, I’ve listened to Wind Beneath My Wings at least 100 times. In all those times it never crossed my mind that it had to be written by someone, a human. Yes, it makes me tear up every time thinking of people in my life. I know it will but I listen anyway. I wanted to say thanks for all the good memories that come along with this for me.


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