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  1. Errol Okcuoglu (Archerson) on

    Jeff is an amazing and gifted musician and songwriter. I was just a kid and neighbor in Lexington on Blairmore Road.

  2. Hi Jeff!
    Just wanted to reach out and let you know what a true honor and joy it was to hear you perform your song at Tina’s party the other night.
    If you’re ever up for it, I would love the to write a song together!
    You could check out my songs as well prior if you’d like…
    No worries if you don’t have the time to give it a whirl…
    All the best-
    Adam Chester
    The piano player who works with Elton

  3. Julia Dake Sanders on

    Jeff, I met you and Larry when “Wind Beneath My Wings” was evolving in Nashville. Lisa was practicing law on the west coast and you were writing & living in Nashville. I was married to Kerry O’Neil at that time.
    Anyway,I’ve always loved your talent and dedication to creating music. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
    My best to you, Lisa and your children…
    Julia Dake Sanders

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