“What Goes Around Comes Around” – My Name Is Earl (Theme)
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What Goes Around Comes Around (Nescobar a lop lop and the Camden County Band)

I came across this CD on my desk the other day, and realized it’s the full version of the “My Name is Earl” theme, with me singing it. The soundtrack has a lot of big artists on it, but they made up a fictitious band name for the theme. Hope you enjoy it… -J

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  1. So awesome… I could do with the orig. To remix… 😉

  2. Hi- just wanted to say you did an Excellent job on your Greg Garcia/ My Name is Earl” input; it SO help as the flow of the script- kudos!
    Cat Koehn / Director

  3. I so Loved not only this amazingly poignant and funny show, but this spot-on theme song! Thanks for sharing your talent! It had been a long time since I heard it.

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