I’m headed to Nashville Oct 10-18th…It’s been a while…j
by on October 1, 2011 in News!

Gonna breath the air…write some and see old friends…

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  1. Hi Jeff. Remember me from Arista…Tim’s assistant (in the beginning)? I was doing some research for my husband Preston Sullivan’s company, The Royalty Exchange, and ran across your name. Saw you were in town and wanted to reach out to you. Would you have time for a cup of coffee tomorrow morning w/Preston? Thanks Jeff. I appreciate it if it’s possible. Please, will you let me know? All the best and wishing you continued success. -Ramona (615)391.4587

  2. John d’Amecourt on

    I was told years ago that “Wind Beneath…” was about Dolly Parton’s somewhat amicable breakup with Porter Wagoner by way of a tribute. But you co-wrote the song. So I was wondering what was the story behind it. Always thrill me to hear it. Regard

  3. If you are playing out while in Nashville, I’d love to see you a Jeff. Would drive down from St.Louis.

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